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Original Motion Icture Soundtrack
Music by James Horner

Here’s an Encore of a very early release from our CD Club … 1990! James Horner’s exotic and magical score for director Ken Kwapis’ Vibes, featuring synthesizers, flutes and percussion is now available for the first time in 20 years! Psychics Sylvia Pickel (Cyndi Lauper) and Nick Deezy (Jeff Goldblum) are hired by a mysterious man (Peter Falk) to find an ancient treasure in South America. As they trek through Ecuador, their supernatural skills lead them straight into danger, disaster and romance. When the ancient ruins unleash an evil paranormal power, Sylvia and Nick must join psychic forces to save the world.

1. Main Title (4:40)
2. Opening The Pyramid (2:08)
3. Andes Arrival (1:38)
4. Mountain Trek (4:55)
5. The Secret Revealed (2:24)
6. The Lost City (8:21)
7. The Journey Begins (5:56)
8. Silvia’s Vision (2:56)
9. End Title (3:10)

VIBES - Original Soundtrack by James Horner VCL-1147$24.95