Original Video Game Soundtrack

Music Composed by 
Henry Jackman


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La-La Land, SCEA and Naughty Dog present the original score soundtrack to the all new Sony PlayStation 4 videogame UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END. This fourth installment of the hit UNCHARTED game series concludes the adventures of swashbuckling treasure hunter Nathan Drake in thrilling and dramatic fashion. Renowned composer Henry Jackman (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, WRECK IT RALPH, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, CAPTIAN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR) creates a powerhouse musical soundscape that supports all the game’s high-octane action, while also enriching its deeply emotional, character-driven drama. This thrilling, vividly cinematic game score is a dynamite stand-alone listen. Produced by Henry Jackman and Jonathan Mayer, and mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen, this special release, limited to 3000 units, contains more than 70 minutes of adventurous music! CD booklet contains brief comments by the composer and the game’s writer. The sharp art design is by Dan Goldwasser.

LLLCD 1390

Original Video Game Soundtrack
Uncharted 4:
A Thief's End

Music Composed by
Henry Jackman


1. A Thief’s End 1:55
2. A Normal Life 1:17
3. Lure Of Adventure 2:55
4. Cut To The Chase 3:10
5. Reunited 2:52
6. Once A Thief… 2:14
7. The Grave Of Henry Avery 3:13
8. Those Who Prove Worthy 2:56
9. The Twelve Towers 4:00
10. Hidden In Plain Sight 2:23
11. At Sea 3:38
12. Marooned 3:44
13. Meet Me In Paradise 2:05
14. The Thieves Of Libertalia 2:18
15. Sic Parvis Magna 2:51
16. The Brothers Drake 1:55
17. Race To Libertalia 3:12
18. For Better Or Worse 2:05
19. New Devon 4:04
20. Avery’s Descent 2:28
21. No Escape 3:52
22. Brother’s Keeper 4:00
23. One Last Time 4:11
24. Epilogue 3:18

Total Album Time: 70:39


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