Original Television Soundtrack

Music by 
Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, David Bell, 
Paul Baillargeon and 
Gregory Smith


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La-La Land Records and CBS proudly presents STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE  COLLECTION VOL. TWO, a limited edition 4-CD soundtrack set showcasing musical highlights from episode scores as heard in the beloved sci-fi television series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE  (1993-1999). This special collection features more than five hours of incredible score, selected from some of the most acclaimed episodes of this enormously successful NEXT GENERATION spin-off.


Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall, and mastered by James Nelson, this deluxe, limited-edition release of 3000 units chronicles music on four CDs – The first disc features music from composer Dennis McCarthy; the second disc features the music of composer Jay Chattaway; the third disc showcases music from David Bell, Paul Baillargeon and Gregory Smith, and the fourth disc, entitled “The Dark Side, Holo-Fantasies & Odds and Ends,” features episode scores and bonus tracks. The set is complemented by a 40-page booklet that includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Randall D. Larson. The bold art design is by Mark Banning, with original front cover art by Daren R. Dochterman. 

LLLCD 1429

Original Television Soundtrack
Star Trek
Deep Space Nine Collection Volume Two

Music by
Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, David Bell,
Paul Baillargeon and
Gregory Smith



Disc One:
Music by Dennis McCarthy

1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 
Main Title (Seasons 4–7) (1:55)
(Dennis McCarthy)

2. Q and V (2:05) 

Battle Lines

4. Air Kiss (1:46)
The Wire 
6. Mumblin’ Along/Psychobattle
/Forgiving (6:53)

The Jem’Hadar
7. Cosmic Bullies (4:29) 
8. These Guys Are Nasty/Kamikaze (5:31)

Past Tense, Part I 
9. Sanctuary/Gabriel Bell (4:26) 
10. Nom de Plume (2:29)

Hard Time 
11. The Prisoner (2:00) 
12. Assault/Ee’char’s Goodbye/
The Hug (5:50)

For the Uniform
14. No Javert, Me (4:40) 

Blaze of Glory
16. Body Count (3:34) 
17. Sacrifice/Ten Years (4:10)`

A Time to Stand
18. Rocky Start (1:22) 
19. Be Very Careful (2:32)
20. Warpless (2:58)

Extreme Measures
21. Killer Tan (0:56)
22. Into the Light (2:30) 
Total Time – Disc One: 78:59

Disc Two:
Music by Jay Chattaway
Past Prologue
1. On Screen* (1:25) 
2. We’ll Be Waiting* (3:23) 

If Wishes Were Horses 
4. Quark Locked Up (0:57)
5. Preparation for the Worst*/Rift Explodes?*/We Were Watching* (8:06)

6. He’s Bajoran/First Meeting (2:42)
7. Dukat Splits/Rugal Away*/
So Long Garak (1:59)

The Maquis, Part I 
8. Bomb Planter*/Confession Video (2:02)
9. Et Tu, Hudson?* (2:24)

Family Business 

The Adversary
11. Captain Sisko*/Scan Me Tender (2:22)
12. Look Down (2:19)
13. Phaser Sweep/Morphin’ Wall Banger

/It’s Eddington? (7:25)

14. That Was My Wife/Lost in the Past (3:29)
15. The Big Experiment (2:36)
16. Swept Away (1:15) 
17. All the Way (3:49) 
18. Long Goodbye (1:34)

Tears of the Prophets 
19. Point Man (1:24) 
20. New Man/The Prophet Zone (2:34)
22. Let the Battles Begin (3:39) 
23. Path of Destruction (3:12) 
25. Sad Homecoming/
Goodbye Old Soldier (7:30)
Total Time – Disc Two: 77:57

Disc Three
Music by David Bell, Paul Baillargeon and Gregory Smith

Past Tense, Part II  (David Bell)
2. Troop Assault/Tell People the Truth/Sisko’s Quarters (3:35)

The Quickening (David Bell)
4. Shut Everything Down! (2:52) 
5. Baby Is Born/Trevean to Make Vaccine/Bashir Silent and Thoughtful (3:25)

Treachery, Faith and the Great River (David Bell)
6. Get Above Them (1:59) 
7. Last of Your Kind (3:43) 
8. Weyoun Terminates Himself/I’m Going to Lose (3:07)

‘Til Death Do Us Part  (David Bell)
10. I Want to Marry You (Really)/With This Ring (3:51) 

The Dogs of War (David Bell)
11. Brunt Kisses Quark’s Hand/Zek Gives Staff to Rom/We’re Going to
Have a Baby (4:41)

Shakaar (Paul Baillargeon)
12. Shakaar’s Farm (1:25)
13. Sisko Refuses to Help (2:37) 
14. The Ambush/The Phaser Shot/
Sleep Well (4:34)

The Muse (Paul Baillargeon)
15. Stories (1:34)
16. Quite a Kick (2:12) 
17. Good Hands/You Should Rest (2:38) 
18. Odo’s Vows (4:07) 
19. I Need You/Time to Finish (1:52) 

When It Rains... (Paul Baillargeon)
21. Evil Text/Know Thine Enemies (4:22)

Honor Among Thieves (Gregory Smith)
23. Alley Babble/Witness This (3:54) 
24. Bank Shot (1:33) 
25. S’Nuff of Flith/Mohammed Alley Punch (4:25)
26. Bye Bye Bilby/Litter Box O’Brien (3:53)
Total Time – Disc Three: 78:56

Disc Four:
The Dark Side, Holo-Fantasies & Odds and Ends

Through the Looking Glass
(Jay Chattaway)

2. Sisko Abducted (1:09) 
3. Photographic Memory/Believe Me/Sisko Gets Lucky/Rom Squeals/Surrounded* (3:48)
4. The Great Escape (3:40) 
6. I Dream of Jennifer (Oboe) (1:49)

Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (Jay Chattaway)
7. Get to Work/Ice Pack, Anyone? (1:00)
8. Black Widow (4:37) 
9. Deal Me In/Greenback Galore*/After You, Sweetheart*/Poker Face*/Sisko Helps (1:34) 
11. Last Minute Practice* (1:33) 
12. Nize Eyes (2:19)
13. Best Laid Plans*/Caper Source/Time Running Out* (4:00)
15. Nog Cracker*/Strip Search*/Hologram’s Best Friend*/Frankie Goes Badda Bing (6:51)

Bonus Tracks
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (Jay Chattaway)
16. Nize Eyes Caper (Alternate) (2:27)
17. Sly Zeemo Arrives (Alt Mix) (1:00)
18. Sly Zeemo Arrives (Alt Intro) (1:19) 
19. Badda Bing Sweetener (Alt A) (0:51)
20. Badda Bing Sweetener (0:50) 
21. Hologram’s Best Friend (Reprise)* (0:54)

Past Tense, Part II (David Bell)
22. His Way #544 (Jay Chattaway)
23. Various Drum Hits (0:19)

Past Tense, Part 1 (Dennis McCarthy)
24. Piano Sonata in C Major K. 545 (Andante) 
(Mozart) (3:16)

Melora (Dennis McCarthy)
25. Delvok Vulcan Etude (Alt A) (2:14) 

For the Uniform (Dennis McCarthy) 
26. Breen Nursery Rhyme (0:30)

Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places (David Bell)

Let He Who Is Without Sin… (Paul Baillargeon)
28. Risian Harp (0:40)

Waltz (Paul Baillargeon)
29. Ancients (1:55)
The Muse (Paul Baillargeon)

31. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 
End Credits (Seasons 4–7) (1:05)
(Dennis McCarthy) 
Total Time – Disc Four: 72:13
*Contains “Theme From STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE” by Dennis McCarthy


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