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Original Television Soundtrack
"Encounter At Farpoint"
Music By Dennis McCarthy
Autographed by the composer

Dennis McCarthy's premiere score for the series that launched the STAR TREK phenomenon to new horizons. Here he makes use of Alexander Courage's beloved fanfare from the classic original series as well as creating original themes for the august Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) which have been used numerous time throughout the series' run. The series main title consists of Dennis' arrangement of the themes from classic STAR TREK as well as STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE composed respectively by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith.

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation- Main Title
2. Stardate
3. Troi Senses
4. Picard's Plan / First Chase / First Chase (Part 2)
5. Detaching / Separation
6. Shaken / Court Time
7. USS Hood / On Manual
8. Star Trek: The Next Generation
- End Credit
9. Personal Log / Admiral / Old Lovers
10. Caverns
11. Splashing / The Woods / Memories
12. Scanned / Big Guns / Unknown
13. Revealed / Reaching Out
14. Departure / Main Title Version #2 (Alternate M.T.)

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Autographed by
The Composer

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