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Original Television Soundtracks
Music By Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner, 
Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Jerry Goldsmith

A second collection of themes and suites from the first four STAR TREK television inceptions from classic original to STAR TREK: VOYAGER. Autographed by 18-year veteran STAR TREK composer Dennis McCarthy

1. Theme from Star Trek Season 1
- Alexander Courage
2. Suite from The Corbomite Maneuver - Fred Steiner
3. Suite from Balance of Terror- Fred Steiner
4. Suite from What Are Little Girls Made Of - Fred Steiner
5. In Chapel - Fred Steiner
from Balance of Terror
6. Theme from Star Trek - A. Courage (Lounge Mix)
7. Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 4
- Dennis McCarthy
Suite from Way of the Warrior - Dennis McCarthy 8. Dry Run
9. Medieval Harp Source
10. "Yo!"
11. Worf II
12. "Fever"
from the episode "His Way"
arranged by Jay Chattaway
performed by Nana Visitor
13. Theme from Star Trek Voyager - Jerry Goldsmith
Suite from Bride of Chaotica - David Bell
14. Begin Chapter 18
15. Presenting... Arachnia
16. Confinement Rings - Segue To Torres
17. Chaotica is Defeated - Distortions
18. Chaotica's Last Words - The End?
19. Theme from Star Trek the Next Generation
- Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith
Suite from All Good Things 20. Here Comes the Judge II - To the Rescue
21. Primalosity
22. Courage
23. Saved Again
24. I Have A Gun

STAR TREK, THE BEST OF - Volume Two - CD Autographed by Dennis McCarthy AU-GNPD 8061$16.95