Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Marc Shaiman

Presenting the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Marc Shaiman's (THE ADDAMS FAMILY, CITY SLICKERS, HAIRSPRAY, A FEW GOOD MEN) score to the 1994 politically-themed romantic comedy feature film SPEECHLESS, starring Michael Keaton, Geena Davis and Christopher Reeve, directed by Ron Underwood (TREMORS, HEART AND SOULS, CITY SLICKERS). Mr. Shaiman's wondrous orchestral score buoys all the film's romance while also finding the excitement within the movie's campaigning backdrop. Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and mastered from MGM ¼ inch vault elements by James Nelson, SPEECHLESS is a limited edition of 1200 units and features in-depth liner notes by Randall D. Larson.

LLLCD 1126

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music by
Marc Shaiman



1. Prelude/Nytol (5:09)
2. Our First Fight/Set A Date/Rally (1:58)
3. In Action (2:29)
4. Chuck & Eddie Payoff/Debater Be Good (1:20)
5. Mass Debater/Post/Cologne Again (3:01)
6. Kevin Freaks (3:47)
7. Sign Language/Walking To The Fountain (4:01)
8. Fountain Of Feet/Julia Gets An Idea (2:37)
9. Mazel Tov!/In The Closet (3:14)
10. C&E Ya See Timmy/Julia Drops Kevin/
This Is A Job For Superman/Ask Me Why (4:12)
11. Secret Hand Holding/Debate Escape (2:05)
12. Language Of Love/Wake The Dead/
Kevin Wakes Alone (4:47)
13. Proctor Bribe/Annette Is Fired/
Fight At The O.K Corral (2:23)
14. Kevin Blows It/The Truth Hurts/Big Finish (4:58)

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