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Original Soundtrack Recording
Music by Bill Conti

The original soundtrack recording for the IMAX Film YELLOWSTONE which showcases the spectacular beauty, dramatic geothermal activity and wildlife unique to Yellowstone park..

The Original score is by academy award winner composer Bill Conti's whose credits include such films as ROCKY, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, VICTORY and many others. His 30+ minute sweeping score to the IMAX film YELLOWSTONE is a magnificent full-bodied effort that features a 60-piece orchestra and contains some of the most beautiful music Mr. Conti has ever composed.

1. Yellowstone
2. First History Lesson
3. Dancing Waters
4. Francis & Friends
5. Up The River
6. Bearzilla
7. Animals And Geysers
8. Francis Boyd Story
9. Geyser Lessons
10. Old Faithful
11. In Conclusion

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