Original Soundtrack Recording
Music By James Michael Dooley

Pelagic Music presents the original soundtrack to THE MARS UNDERGROUND: PIONEERS FOR A NEW WORLD, the 2004 documentary directed by Scott J. Gill, produced by Randy Wooten and Kirt Eftekhar, featuring original score by James Michael Dooley.

THE MARS UNDERGROUND: PIONEERS FOR A NEW WORLD is a landmark documentary that brings to life, through the use of state-of-the-art 3D animation, the daring first human mission to the red planet and explores the challenges of surviving on Mars.

Composer James Michael Dooley has been a member of Media Ventures since 1999. He has collaborated with composer Hans Zimmer both as his Chief Technical Engineer and as a composer.

He has collaborated on scores such as THE TIME MACHINE, HANNIBAL, BLACK HAWK DOWN, MATCHSTICK MEN, SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON, THE RING, TEARS OF THE SUN, THUNDERBIRDS, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, KING ARTHUR and MADAGASCAR and has written music for short films as well as many theatrical trailers.

His music for THE MARS UNDERGROUND is a combination of lush orchestral and ambient electronic elements, perfectly exploring the relationship between Man and Mars.

1. Arrival On Mars 6:29
2. Prospects And Plans 2:56
3. Dr. Zubrin 3:36
4. History Has Taught Us 4:00
5. The 90 Day Plan 5:09
6. Zubrin's Plan 3:37
7. The Journey 6:49
8. Mars Direct 0:50
9. Spreading The Word 1:08
10. First Experiments 1:07
11. Corrections 2:01
12. A New Direction 3:52
13. The Case For Mars 0:34
14. The Mars Underground 1:24
15. The Mars Society 1:04
16. Desert Research 0:28
17. Confrontations 5:52
18. Experiencing Mars 3:58
19. Planetary Civilization 3:43
20. On The Surface 2:36
21. Our Future With Mars 6:16

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