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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Frizzell

Presenting the original motion picture score to the Screen Gems sci-fi/action feature film LEGION, starring Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson, in theaters everywhere January 22, 2010. Acclaimed composer John Frizzell (ALIEN: RESSURECTION, OFFICE SPACE, WHITEOUT) creates a pulse-pounding musical ride -- a rich atmospheric blend of orchestra and electronics -- that bolsters all the jaw-dropping action in this amazing human vs. angles saga.


When I Was A little Girl (1:33)
Michael Descends (2:45)
ItŐs Started (2:36)
Old and Pissed Off (2:39)
This is Not A Test (1:40)
Clouds DonŐt Buzz (1:18)
The Aftermath (0:57)
Now What? (1:44)
TheyŐre Here (1:54)
The Ice Cream Man (1:59)
Attack of The Possessed (0:42)
We Got ÔEm Running (1:02)
GodŐs Plan (3:48)
PercyŐs Story (1:28)
Dark World (1:51)
Bob Blames Himself (1:08)
I Didn't Even Want This Baby (2:12)
Open the Door (2:42)
Are We Safe Now? (2:57)
A Rebellious Son (2:14)
The Battle (2:21)
Die Like One of Them (1:43)
That is Why You Failed Him (3:05)
You Are The True Protector (2:12)
You Are The True Protector
(Alternate Version) (2:12)
Total Time: 51:43


LEGION - Original Soundtrack by John Frizzell LLLCD1121$4.95