Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jonathan Sheffer

In A Shallow Grave, a little known film from 1988, featured a truly exceptional score from Jonathan Sheffer. In A Shallow Grave is one of those special little film scores that very few may have even heard of (Careful, He Might Hear You) but the 1000 people lucky enough to add this rare gem to their collection will find themselves returning often to its special beauty.

Garnet Montrose (Michael Biehn) returns home to West Virginia after suffering horrible facial disfigurement from wounds at the battle of Guadalcanal. He watches his former sweetheart Georgia (Maureen Mueller) from his farm down the road. Garnett is obviously socially withdrawn because of his injuries, and he soon enlists the help of itinerant young farmhand Potter Daventry (Patrick Dempsey) to deliver notes to Georgia. Garnet begins to open up to Potter before he suspects him of delivering more than letters. Potter quickly becomes a major focus in both Garnet and Georgia's lives in this drama taken from the novel by James Purdy.

VCL 0608 1980

Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack
In A Shallow Grave

Music by
Jonathan Sheffer


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1. One Year Later (1:00)
2. Garnet's First Walk (3:09)
3. The Report On The Window (:51)
4. Daventry (2:36)
5. Garnet (1:10)
6. Medals Of Honor (1:08)
7. The Dancehall (2:46)
8. The Uniform (:46)
9. The Lovers Observed (1:58)
10. Quintus Goes Driving (1:45)
11. After The Funeral (1:28)
12. Georgina (1:51)
13. The Last Dance and The Storm (5:32)
14. Daventry's Death (2:48)
15. End Title (2:20)

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