Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Music by Richard Band


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La-La Land Records presents acclaimed composer Richard Band’s (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, PUPPETMASTER) original motion picture score to the beloved 1982 horror/thriller THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, starring Kate McNeil, Eileen Davidson and Harley Jane Kozak, and directed by Mark Rosman. Considered by fans as one of the most beautiful indie horror music of its era, Mr. Band’s orchestral score is thematically rich and absolutely teaming with drama and suspense. Like Rosman’s film itself, the score sets its sights higher than most of the 80’s slashers the movie has often grouped with, and the result is a rewarding and sumptuous listen. Produced by Richard Band, this re-issue has been remastered by James Nelson and expanded with previously unreleased bonus tracks (this bonus material is sourced from mono elements). All-new and exclusive liner notes from Daniel Schweiger (featuring new comments from the composer and director), and classy-creepy art
direction from David C. Fein compliment this exciting release. Limited to 2000 Units.


Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack

The House on
Sorority Row

Music by
Richard Band


1. Main Title (2:45)
2. Slater’s Memories (1:38)
3. Swinging Light Kill (2:23)
4. Kathy in Attic (3:15)
5. Music Box (1:37)
6. Jeannie’s Flight (3:12)
7. The Cemetery (1:23)
8. Hallucination and Escape (5:58)
9. Kathy in Horror (1:48)
10. Last Hallucination (1:39)
11. Retribution (1:47)
12. End Credits (4:08)

Bonus Tracks:

13. Prologue* (1:25)
14. Slater’s Cane/Slater Bursts In* (1:07)
15. The Girls Dump Slater* (:42)
16. Stevie in Basement* (:48)
17. The Girls Go Searching* (:52)
18. Morgan’s Flight/Morgan’s Death* (1:31)
19. Kathy Searches/Diane’s Trills/The Medallion/In the Grave (Part 2)* (1:55)
20. Music Box Reprise* (:44)

Total Running Time: 40:58
* mono source

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