Original Motion 
Picture Soundtrack

Music by 
Ron Jones

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SkyMuse Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack for the documentary FIGHT FOR SPACE. The album features original music composed by Ron Jones (DUCK TALES, FAMILY GUY, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, AMERICAN DAD!).Directed by Paul Hildebrandt, FIGHT FOR SPACE centers on the Space Race in the 1960s and 70s and examines how it inspired a generation to pursue careers in science and technology.


Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack

Fight For Space

Music by
Ron Jones




1. Questions of Space, Moon Shot, The Reason to Explore (4:23)
2. The Soviet Threat, Sci-Fi Freakout, Cold War Motives, Soviet Power Parade (2:02)
3. The Modern World, The Highest Mountain, Sheperd's Launch (2:39)
4.Important Stuff, The Apollo Effect (1:51)
5. Earthrise (1:02)
6.Conspiracy of Nothingness, Lost Motivations, The Cost of Space, Complete Failure, Challenger Disaster (6:34)
7. The Space Station, Skylab,
Moon Plans (2:54)
8. False Initiative, Questioning Human Space Flight, Funnelling The Bucks (4:22)
9.Doomed to Fail, Rockets to Nowhere, Eternal Hope, Budgets to Nowhere (7:42)
10. What's The Problem, Chaos in the 60's, Confused, Saturn Five, If it Ain't Broke (5:34)
11. Typewriter of Death, Nixon Tapes (3:35)
12. Why Aren’t We There? (4:41)
13. Progression, The Nothing Generation(2:16)
14.Going To Mars, Sailing Ships and Space Ships, Great Things Are Possible (7:42)
15. The Universe Awaits (6:44)


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