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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music By Laurence Rosenthal


You will feel the power. Live the adventure. Experience the fantastic… Pendulum presents the original motion picture soundtrack to CLASH OF THE TITANS, the 1981 fantasy adventure film directed by Desmond Davis, featuring the visual effects magic of Ray Harryhausen, starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus, Burgess Meredith as Ammon and Laurence Olivier as Zeus, featuring rousing a rousing orchestral score composed and conducted by the great Laurence Rosenthal. This release from Pendulum is different from the previous Pendulum issue. CLASH OF THE TITANS has been remastered to sound much better and has 3 extra tracks of previously unreleased music, an additional 10 minutes of new music.

1. Prologue And Main Title (3:19)
2. The Lovers (1:48)
3. Argos Destroyed (2:26)*
4. Boyhood Of Perseus (3:05)
5. Dreams And Omens (1:46)
6. Joppa (1:28)
7. Andromeda (4:20)*
8. Pegasus (4:16)
9. The Lord Of The Marsh (3:57)
10. The Kraken (3:27)
11. The Farewell 02:20)
12. Medusa (2:38)
13. Bubo-The Dive Bomber (1:18)
14. River Styx (2:48)*
15. Clash Of The Titans (1:47)
16. Andromeda Rescued (2:30)
17. The Constellations/End Title (4:07)

*Narrated By Laurence Olivier

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