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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Laurence Rosenthal

A thrilling release for our 35th anniversary year. The perfect release, in fact, for our sole batch of anniversary year CD Club titles. Laurence Rosenthal (with a list of classics that includes Clash Of The Titans, Return Of A Man Called Horse and The Miracle Worker) goes back a long time with Varse Sarabande all the way, in fact to 1978! Laurence Rosenthal's Brass Target was actually our first release of a new film score. Celebrating not only Varse Sarabande's 35th Anniversary but also Brass Target's, we are thrilled to present the CD debut of the Laurence Rosenthal's powerful, militaristic score.

Brass Target suspense that reaches the highest rank! Who stole $250 million in Nazi gold? And who killed General George S. Patton to get away with it? A chilling suspense thriller, Brass Target makes the convincing case that these two actual events the theft of the bullion and Patton's death ("officially" killed in an auto accident) were not coincidental. Was Patton assassinated? Grisly fact or engrossing fiction? The all-star "top brass" cast includes Sophia Loren as the beautiful refugee, Mara; John Cassavetes as Major Joe De Luca who is ordered to investigate a daring robbery and uncovers an even more daring murder; Academy Award winner George Kennedy as Patton, America's most controversial commander; Robert Vaughn as Col. Roberts, the mastermind behind the outrageous and ingenious plot; Emmy Award winner Patrick McGoohan; and Max Von Sydow as Webber, Patton's coldblooded assassin. Based on an intriguing novel by Frederick Nolan, Brass Target is "a classy conspiracy thriller with one of those great blood-and-guts plots." (Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun Times.) Brass Target takes aim and hits the bull's eye for action-packed suspense!

Track listing:

01 Mara's Theme / The Man From Switzerland (3:42)
02 Violence In The Bell Tower (2:01)
03 The Ferry On Lake Lucerne (4:51)
04 The Weapon And The Disguise (5:39)
05 Reminiscing (2:50)
06 Setting The Stage (4:40)
07 The "Accident" (3:50)
08 The Last Of Webber / End Title (Mara's Theme) (8:32)

BRASS TARGET - Original Soundtrack by Laurence Rosenthal VCL-1213-1145$24.95