Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Music by Jerry Goldsmith


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La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox proudly present the remastered re-issue of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith’s (THE BLUE MAX, PATTON, THE OMEN, GREMLINS, BASIC INSTINCT) original motion picture score to the acclaimed 1978 Twentieth Century Fox dramatic chiller MAGIC, starring Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret and Burgess Meredith, and directed by Richard Attenborough. Mr. Goldsmith weaves his magic in spellbinding fashion, creating a work that expertly anchors this notably creepy film with an orchestral musicscape of drama, passion and suspense. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, with a revised master by Matessino, this special re-issue features a previously unreleased track and showcases new liner notes from writer Julie Kirgo and sharp new art design by Jim Titus. This is a limited edition of 2000 units.

LLLCD 1344

Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack


Music by
Jerry Goldsmith


1 Main Title 2:07
2 We’re Gonna Be a Star* :25
3 Corky’s Retreat 3:00
4 Didn’t Remember Me 1:50
5 Memories 2:57
6 What Can’t You Explain? :58
7 Appassionata 2:10
8 Let’s Take Off :55
9 One Chance 1:12
10 Stop the Postman 1:52
11 The Lake 2:48
12 The Ruse 1:30
13 Duke’s Catch 1:40
14 Blood 1:07
15 Duke’s End 1:07
16 Two Birds With One Stone :47
17 I’ll Tell 2:42
18 Fats Blows the Whistle 1:46
19 The Wooden Heart 2:40
20 Us Was You 1:19
21 End Titles 2:10
22 Previous Act (source) 2:48
23 Next Act (source) 2:45
  * Previously unreleased

  Total Time: 42:35

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