Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Bill Conti

Varese Sarabande offers Karate Kid, Part III as a first-time, stand-alone release. We previously released this score as part of our 4-CD Karate Kid boxed set which presented all four of Conti’s Karate Kid scores together. This album does not differ from our original 2007 release but gives those who may have missed out before a chance to get this very beautiful, inspiring and exciting score.

When Miyagi (Pat Morita) refuses to help him prepare for an upcoming tournament, an angry Daniel (Ralph Macchio) finds a new mentor, unaware that a revenge-obsessed old enemy is setting him up.

The dramatic score from Karate Kid, Part III also presents some of Bill Conti’s most exciting music from the series in one of his most spectacular finale cues ever! (The Final Blow)

CDs expected to begin shipping the week of May 29.

Limited Edition of 1000 copies


VCL 0512 1131

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Karate Kid III

Music by
Bill Conti




1. Main Title (5:38)
2. Terry Silver (1:14)
3. The Last Tree (1:55)
4. Terry’s Next Move (2:56)
5. The Hidden Tree (3:26)
6. Terry Sneaks In (2:14)
7. Mike States His Case (1:06)
8. Getting The Tree (4:33)
9. Jessica’s Slip (1:07)
10. Daniel Signs Up (3:08)
11. Miyagi’s Prayer (1:01)
12. Daniel Submits (1:22)
13. Miyagi’s Shut Out (:36)
14. Terry Owns Daniel (:37)
15. Jessica’s Kiss (:48)
16. Daniel’s Resolution (1:44)
17. Miyagi Kicks Butt (1:57)
18. Kata Training (1:54)
19. Bonsai Prayer (:36)
20. The Final Blow (4:05)


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