Original DC Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed by 
Robert Kral


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La-La Land Records, WaterTower Music, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation present acclaimed composer Robert J. Kral’s (BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM, SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED, GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT) original score to the all-new DC Universe Original Movie, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Composer Kral returns to the DC Universe with a wildly propulsive score that expertly melds psychological drama, horror and action with a knockout emotional punch – the perfect complement to this acclaimed, supernaturally-charged and effectively scary take on DC characters. Produced by Robert J. Kral and mastered by James Nelson, this special, limited edition release of 1500 units features spellbinding art direction by Dan Goldwasser and includes liner note comments from the composer, director and supervising producer.

LLLCD 1416

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Justice League Dark

Music Composed by
Robert Kral


1. Justice League Dark — Suite 3:17
2. Demon City / Hallucination Murders 4:01
3. Main Title (Justice League Dark) 0:48
4. Constantine and Etrigan
Battle the Demons Three 3:37

5. Deadman’s Story 1:07
6. Demon Tornado 1:44
7. Orchid and the House of Mystery 1:26
8. Walk on the Dark Side /
Ritchie & Shrouds 2:25
9. Acid Monster Attacks 3:44
10. Cheating the Shrouds 2:00
11. Dreamstone Battle and Soul Merger 4:06
12. The Locating Needle 1:30
13. Swamp Thing 3:19
14. Faust Fights Etrigan 2:24
15. Zatanna Fights for Her Voice 3:12
16. Zatanna Enraged 2:10
17. Orchid and the Fire 2:08
18. Destiny Returns 2:23
19. Protecting Zatanna /
City of Nightmares 3:01

20. Etrigan Battles Destiny 1:01
21. Swamp Thing vs. Destiny 3:01
22. Constantine and
Deadman vs. Destiny 2:45
23. Returning Home 3:48

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