Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Leonard Rosenman

La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox present the remastered re-issue of composer
Leonard Rosenman’s (REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, A MAN CALLED HORSE, STAR TREK IV, ROBOCOP 2) legendary score to the 1966 science fiction classic FANTASTIC VOYAGE, starring Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch and Edmond O’Brien, and directed by Richard Fleischer. Composer Rosenman provides the film with a complex musical foundation that propels the action narrative into the dramatic unknown, while keeping character, theme and emotion at the forefront. Long out of print, this wondrous soundtrack masterpiece returns, with no new tracks added, but with much improved sound, (lovingly restored by Mike Matessino), and wonderful new liner notes by film music writer Julie Kirgo. Produced by Lukas Kendall and Nick Redman and mastered by Daniel Hersch, this limited edition release of 2000 Units features all-new, eye-catching art direction courtesy of Jim Titus.

LLLCD 1279

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Fantastic Voyage

Music by
Leonard Rosenman




1 Main Title – Sound Effects Suite 1:45
2 The Proteus 6:01
3 The Chart 5:34
4 Pulmonary Artery 5:39
5 Group Leaves 2:53
6 Pleural Cavity :22
7 Proteus Moving Through Sac 4:54
8 Channel to Ear 2:43
9 Cora Trapped 4:15
10 Proteus in Inner Ear :48
11 The Human Brain 1:55
12 Get the Laser 7:21
13 Optic Nerve / End Cast 3:38
Total Album Time: 47:50

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