Original Motion PIcture Soundtrack
Music by John Barry
Songs by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires and Diana Coupland

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of the first James Bond movie “Dr. No”, this unique release contains music from the original album release plus many of the cues that were not on that album.
Long a contentious issue about who actually scored the movie – Monty Norman won a celebrated court case in London – we will leave the listener to decide for him/herself.
With newly commissioned notes, this is definitely not a title to be missed!

HRKCD 8395

Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack

Dr. No

Music by
John Barry



1. Dr. No Main Title Sequence -
2. James Bond Theme
3. James Returns Home
4. Three Blind Mice -
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

5. Jamaican Rock –
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
6. Jump Up! –
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
7. Audio Bongo
8. Under The Mango Tree –
Diana Coupland

9. James Bond Twist
10. Under The Mango Tree -
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
11. Under The Mango Tree -
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
12. Jump Up! –
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
13. Dr. No’s Fantasy
14. Tarantula
15. Three Blind Mice –
Diana Coupland
16. The Island Speaks
17. Under The Mango Tree –
Monty Norman
18. The Boy’s Chase
19. Dr. No’s Theme
20. Theme For James Bond
21. Dr. No Visits James
Bond’s Bedroom

22. Love At Last
23. James Bond Theme

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