Original Television Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists

This is the release that Doctor Who fans worldwide have been waiting for, assembled after years of research and trawls through dusty archives and libraries. It's a comprehensive overview of the very special music that has accompanied the Doctor over his travels through time and space from William Hartnell in 1963 to present day Matt Smith. From Ron Grainer's iconic theme realised by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's Delia Derbyshire to Murray Gold's orchestral tapestries, this is a musical saga of monumental proportions. The esteemed collection of composers featured include Tristram Cary, Brian Hodgson, Wilfred Josephs, Dudley Simpson, Geoffrey Burgon, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Malcolm Clarke, Keff McCulloch, Dominic Glynn, John Debney and many more. The lavish 20 page booklet with the set includes liner notes from Doctor Who composer Mark Ayres on the history of music in the series and details of the episodes.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s Doctor Who series, Silva Screen’s been allowed to mine the broadcaster’s huge archive of music.
This 2-disc edition is a… distillation of material spanning the show’s five decades, and provides a sampling of the various styles and uses of electronic gear that an assortment of composers employed for their respective scores, plus some previously unreleased music.
Whereas Disc 2 favours music from the 80s through the rebooted series scored by Murray Gold (of which season and episodic suites were released in separate discs), the real treats arguably reside in the first half of Disc 1 which focuses on the early material crafted by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

The contrasts through the decades does become apparent as the music shifted from mono to stereo, and budgets were boosted for the 2006 reboot, allowing Gold to craft increasingly huge orchestral-synth scores with his own rich thematic material, often augmented by chorus. The earlier material from the eighties and nineties tended to favour more minimal motifs, with thematic material timed to get in and out of scenes with strategic precision. The budgets also necessitated a need to create more abstract sounds since there wasn’t always room to fully develop material into lengthy cues.

Most of the music from the nineties offered a balance of atmospheric and thematic music, quoting Ron Grainer’s famous theme only when necessary, giving the composers optimum room to develop and explore their own material, whereas the earliest scores from the sixties and early seventies were much more experimental – a reflection of the talent within the BBC’s workshop, and perhaps a decision to approach the show with abstract sounds that better matched storylines involving time travel and alien cultures.

After the original mono theme version – crafted not with synthesizers but audio sounds edited from differing pitches – Disc 1 moves into a classic sixties jazz-pop instrumental (“An Unearthly Child – Three Guitars Mood 2”) with bopping drums and electric bass. The classic Tardis takeoff sound effects are followed by “The Daleks,” an amazing 3 min. piece filled with tones and undulating shrill sounds, organ chords, and airy sounds with just a slight evocation of a Theremin. The breathiness and crawling bass chords are followed by an assortment of sharp tones, echoplexed ambient tones, and shrill drones reminiscent of the Martian machine sounds from War of the Worlds (1953), and the cue’s closing bars consist of wavering sounds.
Other cues contain more traditional instruments – drums, trumpets, and guitar heavily echoplexed for a sense of displacement – or descending electronic pulses reminiscent of Louis and Bebe barron’s Forbidden Planet (1956). Cimbalom and oboe are used in the suspenseful “The Invasion – The Company,” and the rare stereo cue “Music from the Sea Devils” is a narrative of pulses and glassy tones and harsh chords which runs over 4 mins. Heavy abstraction also dominates the 6+ mins. of “Music from The Mutants” with synthetic keyboards, undulating tones and Moog chords, some affected by primordial vibrato and staccato effects.

“Terror of the Zygons Suite” offers a welcome shift to delicate chamber orchestra with harp, woodwinds, and a lovely flowing melody in the first half, and in “Logopolis – It’s the End,” the approach is an overt prog-rock with synths, electric bass, and rock drums.

The cues in this 2-disc overview collection have been nicely mastered from surprisingly clean sources, with clarity in the highs and resonance in the bass coming through nicely in the mono tracks. While fans may prefer the new 4-disc set (or might prefer to hold off until the 11-disc set, house in a wooden Tardis, finally debuts), this compact sampler gives a good overview of the changing styles which supported the Doctor through the first fifty years on the BBC.


Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection

Music by
Various Artists






01. Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who (Original Theme) [From 'Doctor Who'] (02:21)
02. Derek Nelson - Three Guitars Mood 2 (From 'An Unearthly Child') (02:03)
03. Brian Hodgson - Tardis Takeoff - (From 'An Unearthly Child') (00:49)
04. Tristram Cary - Forest Atmosphere (From 'The Daleks') (01:08)
05. Tristram Cary - Forest With Creature (From 'The Daleks') (00:54)
06. Tristram Cary - City Music 1 And 2 (From 'The Daleks') (00:56)
07. Tristram Cary - The Daleks (From 'The Daleks') (00:32)
08. Brian Hodgson - Dalek Control Room (From 'The Daleks') (00:34)
09. Tristram Cary - The Ambush (From 'The Daleks') (02:00)
10. Brian Hodgson - Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown) [From 'The Daleks'] (00:19)
11. Brian Hodgson - Explosion, Tardis Stops (From 'The Edge Of Destruction') (01:10)
12. Brian Hodgson - Sleeping Machine (From 'The Keys Of Marinus') (00:52)
13. Brian Hodgson - Dalek Spaceship Lands (From 'The Chase') (00:17)
14. Brian Hodgson - Tardis Lands (From 'The Chase') (00:11)
15. Brian Hodgson - Chumbley (Constant Run) [From 'Galaxy Four'] (00:27)
16. Brian Hodgson - Chumbley At Rest (From 'Galaxy Four') (00:28)
17. Daniel Ouzenoff - Marche (Les Structures Sonores) [From 'Galaxy Four'] (02:40)
18. Tristram Cary - A Strange Sickness (From 'The Daleks' Master Plan') (00:44)
19. Tristram Cary - Growing Menace (From 'The Daleks' Master Plan') (02:08)
20. Tristram Cary - The Ballad Of The Last Chance Saloon (From 'The Gunfighters') (03:51)
21. Martin Slavin - Space Adventure Pt. 2 (From 'The Tenth Planet') (01:22)
22. Brian Hodgson - Heartbeat Chase (From 'The Macra Terror') (01:57)
23. Dudley Simpson - Chromophone Band (From 'The Macra Terror') (01:56)
24. Brian Hodgson - Propaganda Sleep Machine (From 'The Macra Terror') (01:08)
25. Paul Bonneau - Sideral Universe (From 'The Tomb Of The Cybermen') (02:26)
26. Wilfred Josephs - Space Time Music Pt. 1 (From 'The Tomb Of The Cybermen') (01:21)
27. Wilfred Josephs - Space Time Music Pt. 2 (From 'The Web Of Fear') (01:19)
28. Dudley Simpson - Mr. Oak And Mr. Quill (Incidental Music) [From 'Fury From The Deep'] (00:39)
29. Brian Hodgson - Cyberman Stab & Music (From 'The Wheel In Space') (01:32)
30. Brian Hodgson - Birth Of Cybermats (From 'The Wheel In Space') (00:44)
31. Brian Hodgson - Interior Rocket (Suspense Music) [From 'The Wheel In Space'] (01:55)
32. Brian Hodgson - Galaxy Atmosphere (From 'The Dominators') (01:04)
33. Brian Hodgson - Zoe's Theme (From 'The Mind Robber') (01:20)
34. Don Harper - The Dark Side Of The Moon (From 'The Invasion') (00:31)
35. Don Harper - The Company (From 'The Invasion') (01:31)
36. Brian Hodgson - Machine And City Theme (From 'The Krotons') (01:49)
37. Brian Hodgson - Kroton Theme (From 'The Krotons') (02:14)
38. Dudley Simpson - The Seeds Of Death Titles (From 'The Seeds Of Death') (00:35)
39. Dudley Simpson - Ice Warriors Music (From 'The Seeds Of Death') (00:26)
40. Brian Hodgson - Time Lord Court (From 'The War Games') (01:32)
41. Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 - Full Version) (02:20)
42. Dudley Simpson - The Master's Theme (From 'The Mind Of Evil') (00:43)
43. Dudley Simpson - Hypnosis Music (From 'The Mind Of Evil') (00:36)
44. Dudley Simpson - Dover Castle (From 'The Mind Of Evil') (00:29)
45. Brian Hodgson - Keller Machine Appears And Vanishes (From 'The Mind Of Evil') (00:23)
46. Dudley Simpson - Keller Machine Theme (From 'The Mind Of Evil') (00:43)
47. Brian Hodgson - Copy Machine Tickover (From 'The Claws Of Axos') (00:16)
48. Brian Hodgson - The Axons Approach (From 'The Claws Of Axos') (01:45)
49. Malcolm Clarke - The Sea Devils (From 'The Sea Devils') (05:24)
50. Tristram Cary - The Mutants (From 'The Mutants') (07:12)
51. Dudley Simpson - Frontier In Space Episode 1 (From 'Frontier In Space') (01:46)
52. Carey Blyton - Death To The Daleks (From 'Death To The Daleks') (03:50)
53. Dick Mills - Metebelis III Atmosphere (From 'Planet Of The Spiders') (01:53)

01. Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who Opening Title Theme (00:44)
02. Dick Mills - Nerva Beacon Infrastructure and T-Mat Couch (From 'The Ark in Space') (01:42)
03. Carey Blyton - Revenge of the Cybermen (From 'Revenge of the Cybermen') (05:28)
04. Geoffrey Burgon - The Destruction of Charlie Rig (From 'Terror of the Zygons') (00:42)
05. Geoffrey Burgon - A Landing in Scotland (From 'Terror of the Zygons') (01:22)
06. Geoffrey Burgon - The Zygons Attack (From 'Terror of the Zygons') (00:51)
07. Dudley Simpson - The Android Invasion Episodes 3 and 4 (From 'The Android Invasion') (06:32)
08. Dick Mills - The Planet Karn (From 'The Brain of Morbius') (01:50)
09. Geoffrey Burgon - Antarctica - The First Pod (From 'The Seeds of Doom') (02:17)
10. Geoffrey Burgon - Get Dunbar! / Krynoid on the Loose (From 'The Seeds of Doom') (02:55)
11. Dick Mills - The Mandragora Helix (From 'The Masque of Mandragora') (01:27)
12. Dudley Simpson - The Invasion of Time Episodes 3 and 4 (From 'The Invasion of Time') (05:36)
13. Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who Closing Titles (40' Version) (01:15)
14. Peter Howell - Doctor Who 1980 (Opening Titles) (00:38)
15. Peter Howell - Into Argolis (From 'The Leisure Hive') (01:44)
16. Paddy Kingsland - K9 on a Mission (From 'Full Circle') (00:35)
17. Roger Limb - Nyssa's Theme (From 'The Keeper of Traken') (00:42)
18. Paddy Kingsland - It's the End... (From 'Logopolis') (03:18)
19. Peter Howell - Doctor Who 1980 (Closing Titles) (01:16)
20. Paddy Kingsland - Castrovalva Suite (From 'Castrovalva') (03:18)
21. Roger Limb - Exploring the Lab (From 'Four to Doomsday') (01:46)
22. Malcolm Clarke - March of the Cybermen (From 'Earthshock') (05:13)
23. Paddy Kingsland - Mawdryn Undead Suite (From 'Mawdryn Undead') (04:19)
24. Peter Howell - The Five Doctors Suite (From 'The Five Doctors') (05:29)
25. Jonathan Gibbs - Warriors of the Deep Suite (From 'Warriors of the Deep') (03:53)
26. Malcolm Clarke - Resurrection of the Daleks Suite (From 'Resurrection of the Daleks') (05:01)
27. Roger Limb - The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite) [From 'The Caves of Androzani'] (06:07)
28. Peter Howell - Doctor Who Theme (1980 - Full Version) (02:42)

01. Malcolm Clarke - The Twin Dilemma Suite (From 'The Twin Dilemma') (04:04)
02. Jonathan Gibbs - The Mark of the Rani Suite (From 'The Mark of the Rani') (03:45)
03. Peter Howell - The Two Doctors Suite (From 'The Two Doctors') (03:15)
04. Elizabeth Parker - Timelash Suite (From 'Timelash') (05:52)
05. Roger Limb - Revelation of the Daleks Suite (From 'Revelation of the Daleks') (03:53)
06. Dominic Glynn - Doctor Who 1986 (02:53)
07. Dominic Glynn - The Mysterious Planet (From 'The Trial of a Time Lord') (03:21)
08. Malcolm Clarke - Terror of the Vervoids (From 'The Trial of a Time Lord') (02:44)
09. Dominic Glynn - The Ultimate Foe (From 'The Trial of a Time Lord') (03:16)
10. Keff McCulloch - Doctor Who 1987 (02:38)
11. Keff McCulloch - Time and the Rani Suite (From 'Time and the Rani') (01:38)
12. Keff McCulloch - Here's to the Future (From 'Delta and the Bannermen') (01:57)
13. Dominic Glynn - Dragonfire Suite (From 'Dragonfire') (03:02)
14. Keff McCulloch - Remembrance of the Daleks Suite (From 'Remembrance of the Daleks') (05:32)
15. Mark Ayres - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Suite (From 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy') (03:23)
16. Keff McCulloch - Battlefield Suite (From 'Battlefield') (04:41)
17. Mark Ayres - The Curse of Fenric Suite (From 'The Curse of Fenric') (06:35)
18. Dominic Glynn - Survival Suite (From 'Survival') (05:28)
19. Dominic Glynn - ...and Somewhere Else, The Tea's Getting Cold (From 'Survival') (00:25)
20. John Debney - Prologue: Skaro / Doctor Who Theme (From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie') (01:34)
21. John Debney - Who Am I? (From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie') (01:55)
22. John Debney - The Chase (Original Version) [From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie'] (02:20)
23. John Debney - Open the Eye (From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie') (02:25)
24. John Debney - Farewell (From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie') (01:35)
25. John Debney - End Credits / Doctor Who Theme (From 'Doctor Who: The TV Movie') (00:49)

01. Murray Gold - Doctor Who Theme TV Version (00:42)
02. Murray Gold - Rose's Theme (From 'Doctor Who: Series 1') (02:15)
03. Murray Gold - Doomsday (From 'Doctor Who: Series 2') (05:08)
04. Murray Gold - Donna's Theme (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (03:16)
05. Murray Gold - The Doctor Forever (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (04:19)
06. Murray Gold - Martha's Theme (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (03:42)
07. Murray Gold - All The Strange, Strange Creatures (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (04:07)
08. Murray Gold - Boe (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (03:44)
09. Murray Gold - This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home (From 'Doctor Who: Series 3') (03:18)
10. Murray Gold - Song of Freedom (From 'Doctor Who: Series 4') (02:51)
11. Murray Gold - The Master Suite (From 'Doctor Who: Series 4') (04:33)
12. Murray Gold - Four Knocks (From 'Doctor Who: Series 4') (03:58)
13. Murray Gold - Vale Decem (From 'Doctor Who: Series 4') (03:20)
14. Murray Gold - I Am The Doctor (From 'Doctor Who: Series 5') (04:03)
15. Murray Gold - The Mad Man With A Box (From 'Doctor Who: Series 5') (02:09)
16. Murray Gold - Amy's Theme (From 'Doctor Who: Series 5') (02:08)
17. Murray Gold - Melody Pond (From 'Doctor Who: Series 6') (04:43)
18. Murray Gold - The Wedding of River Song (From 'Doctor Who: Series 6') (02:36)
19. Murray Gold - Abigail's Song (Silence Is All You Know) [From 'Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol'] (05:33)
20. Murray Gold - Towards The Asylum (From 'Doctor Who: Series 7') (02:25)
21. Murray Gold - Together Or Not At All - The Song Of Amy And Rory (From 'Doctor Who: Series 7') (03:17)
22. Murray Gold - Up The Shard (From 'Doctor Who: Series 7') (03:02)
23. Murray Gold - The Long Song (From 'Doctor Who: Series 7') (03:39)


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