Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Music by Pino Donaggio


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First CD release of Pino Donaggio soundtrack from David Schmoeller horror thriller with Klaus Kinski as serial killer acting as landlord, peering into private lives of female occupants. Renter Talia Balsam proves to be tough adversary. 1986 film, shot in Italy, is product of Charles Band film production company Empire Pictures which later evolves into horror specialty film group Full Moon Productions. Pino Donaggio steps into his comfort zone, creates music with slashing strings, zigzag figures over pulsating rhythms, other scary musical trademarks. He balances with very attractive themes underscoring lives of occupants. Unusually interesting color is elegiac Hebrew lament, representing landlord Kinski's family ties to Nazis and designed in director Schmoeller's own words to "remind the viewer of the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust". Album originally appears on Varese Sarabande label in 1986, prepared by composer at time of film's release. Intrada CD premiere comes from pristine 1/4" two-track stereo album master made at KM record manufacturing facilities, originally engineered by Michelle Stone. CD retains composer's LP sequencing and audio preferences, including split-second pauses between certain tracks. Graphic booklet design by Joe Sikoryak includes informative liner notes by Andy Dursin plus Flipper artwork that allows you to choose your favorite cover. Natale Massara conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

ISC 279

Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack


Music by
Pino Donaggio


01. Falling From Grace With The World (0:32)
02. Main Title (2:15)
03. The Chase (2:43)
04. Sorry, Kitty (5:25)
05. “Lovers Tonight” Rehearsal (1:44)
06. Voyeurs/Who’s Swimming In Your Bathtub? (4:13)
07. Martha’s Lament (1:40)
08. Rats (1:03)
09. I’m Coming (2:32)
10. The M & M Murders (1:01)
11. The Teaser (2:28)
12. Goodbye, Mr. Steiner (2:02)
13. I’m A Happy Man, Martha (2:01)
14. Blowpipe Blues (1:59)
15. Goodnight, Lori (1:20)
16. Martha’s Lament/End Titles (2:11)



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