Haunted Or Humored / To Spain With Love
Free Bonus CD: The Black Tulip
Music composed by Christopher Young

Presenting the Christopher Young Collection. 2 CDs of music composed for various film shorts.

“To Spain with Love” started as unused material Chris composed for a film called “Ask The Dust” which he has expanded and written new music in a Spanish style.

Haunted or Humored is a collection of scores written for various short films.

Buy this collection and get Chris Young's score for THE BLACK TULIP absolutely free.


CYCD 004

The Christopher Young Collection:

To Spain With Love/Haunted or Humored

Free Bonus CD
The Black Tulip

Music by
Christopher Young




1. To Spain, With Love
2. Plaza mayor Magnificiente
3. Dancing in the streets
4. Earthly delights
5. rodrigo on the scaffold
6. The virgin de la candelaria
7. Music Everywhere
8. christine never wasn’t
9. Beating of the Cajon
10. The pied piper of madrid
11. My Spanish Friends
12. bailaora Fantasia
13. El Drago
14. Ubeda Ecstasy
15. waves of desire
16. How I Love You


Tall Man
1. Main Title

Fan Boy
2. Fan boy
3. Shine Little Glow and Glitter
4. Holy Jehosaphat
5. La-lah-La-Lah-Love
6. The Boulevard of Dreams
7. Hollywood –a-go-go
8. Costner Quits
9. the ajex men
10. sharp sharf
11. love American style
12. heavens misfits
13. video gal
14. batcha – kalupi
15. thank you sam

Susan Graham, A Documentary
16. To The Gunnery
17. to Wykeham Rise
18. For The Love of Those Friends

Faces in the Crowd
19. Faces in the Crowd
20. Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness)
21. the water that alters
22. faithfully faithful
23. Tie Identities
24. some things never change

25. remembered

1. Black Tulip
2. A Worn Torn Country
3. Thoughts of Freedom
4. A Place for Afghan Poets to Speak
5. Poem One (Love)
6. Poem Two (Family)
7. Poem Three (Celebration)
8. Poem Four (Sacrifice)
9. Az Chasmam Rafti
(Vanished From My Eyes)

10. Poem Five (Tradition)
11. Poem Six (Pride)
12. Poem Seven (Destructilon)
13. Freedom
14. Forever


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