Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music by David Newman


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World premiere release of exciting David Newman soundtrack for Stephen Herek history-upside-down tale starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure consists of time travel both past and future, replete with history lessons come to life: Napoleon, the wild west with Billy The Kid, medieval England, Socrates, Joan Of Arc, Freud, Abraham Lincoln. Newman responds with vivid, action-packed score playing straightman to antics on-screen. Long in coming CD presents all of Newman's scoring in stereo from once-missing actual 1/2" three channel orchestral session elements plus DAT of all additional keyboard cues, guitars, additional fanfares, more. Highlights abound but rousing "Execute Them", haunting "Meet The Princesses" deserve extra spotlight. The pop world was graced with all-song album from A&M label many years ago. At last, score fans get their due! Colorful design from Joe Sikoryak plus informative liner notes by Tim Greiving tie nice package up with a bow. David Newman conducts. Intrada Special Collection Release available while quantities and interest remain!

ISC 269

Original Motion
Picture Soundtrack

Bill and Ted's
Excellent Adventure

Music by
David Newman


01. History Lesson (1:22)
02. Future Bill & Ted Leave (1:53)
03. Rufus Lands (1:02)
04. A Lot More Than That (1:00)
05. Austria, 1805 (2:02)
06. Short Dead Dude (2:54)
07. Old West (0:45)
08. Saloon Tack Piano (1:52)
09. Billy The Kid (0:27)
10. Brawl And Ancient Greece (3:33)
11. Medieval England (5:00)
12. Meet The Princesses (1:40)
13. Execute Them! (With Hoo-Hahs) (3:16)
14. Bag Freud (1:31)
15. Prehistoric Pit-Stop (3:43)
16. Thanks, Rufus (0:23)
17. Napoleon Hesitates (0:35)
18. Mall Mayhem (1:30)
19. Wild Speech Montage (2:01)
20. Jailbreak (3:34)
21. America The Beautiful (Ward, arr. Newman) (1:07)
22. Thank You San Dimas High (0:29)
23. Saloon Tack Piano (Alternate End) (1:56)
24. Execute Them! (Orchestra) (3:16)
25. Trumpet Fanfare (0:07)
26. Go Faster (Film Version) (0:18)
27. Coda With Echoplex (0:06)
28. Fleur De Lis
(Beethoven, arr. Newman) (0:44)
29. William Tell Overture (Rossini, arr. Newman) (0:39)



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