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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Murphy
Original Themes from "Basic Instinct" by Jerry Goldsmith

Presenting the original motion picture soundtrack to one of the most anticipated thrillers of the year, BASIC INSTINCT 2, starring Sharon Stone (BASIC INSTINCT, CASINO), opening in theaters across North America on March 31, 2006, from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Intermedia. Composer John Murphy (LOCK, STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS, SNATCH, CITY BY THE SEA, 28 DAYS LATER) heightens all the film’s erotic thrills and chills with a sensuous orchestral score that melds new, original themes with Jerry Goldsmith’s spellbinding, Oscar-nominated music from the original BASIC INSTINCT. The film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Canton-Jones (THIS BOY’S LIFE, ROB ROY, THE JACKAL)

Michael Reads Her Book
(Theme from BASIC INSTINCT*) (0:56)
120 MPH SEX (Main Title-BASIC INSTINCT 2) (2:17)
Not Yet / Courtroom* (2:07)
Bodies Still Warm (1:41)
Sex with Michelle (1:40)
Adam Towers is Dead (1:26)
Questions about Catherine (0:56)
Catherine is Waiting (1:01)
Legs Wide Open On A Chair (1:49)
I Smell Blood* (1:19)
Soho (1:23)
If She Calls Again (1:08)
Michael Argues with Michelle (0:54)
Olympic Toilets / Saving Denise (3:01)
Catherine at Police Station* (2:52)
Sex With Catherine (1:30)
Library (1:20)
No Apologies (0:56)
In The Car with Washburn (2:04)
The Long Night of the Soul (1:29)
Jacuzzi* (2:54)
Reading “The Analyst”* (1:30)
Racing To Miena’s (1:47)
Michael at Miena’s (4:30)
Washburn Dies* (1:47)
Broadmoor (1:33)
She Tells The Plot (1:24)
She Kisses Him Goodbye* (1:21)
Basic Instinct 2 - End Credits* (3:31)

Yuppie Chill (2:01)
Atlantic Bar (1:39)
Orgy (1:13)
Mozart Violin Concerto In A Major “Minuetto” (4:04)
Total Time: 61:54
Music Composed By John Murphy - Published by Intheaters Music, Inc. BMI
* - Contains themes from BASIC INSTINCT composed by Jerry Goldsmith -
Published by Le Studio Canal Music Inc. BMI


BASIC INSTINCT II - Original Soundtrack by John Murphy LLLCD1045$9.95